The Ethos Empire Way

It all begins with a Greatness Discovery Call.

The first step in our process is a Greatness Discovery Call to get to know you and understand your challenges, goals, and aspirations. We use this initial assessment as the foundation for developing tailored solutions that are unique to your company or individual needs.

Production Assessment

Uncover Areas For Improvement

The Production Assessment provides valuable insight about the core elements that boost production and it reveals weak links that hinder productivity.

Companies, organizations and individuals who go through our Production Assessment process gain an understanding of the things that they do well, and discover things that hinder or discourage growth.

Sometimes having a second pair of professionally trained eyes is exactly what you need to get to the next level.

Executive Summary Report

Detailed Report With Plan of Action

Once our assessment is complete, we create an executive summary report with our findings. This report will contain our analysis of your company, processes, and employees.

Outlined will be strategies that we’ve identified for improving performance, enhancing productivity, and increasing employee satisfaction.

We also include a comprehensive step-by-step plan that your team can implement on your own or hire us to implement for you.


We work with you to implement the plan of action

Our team can implement your plan of action, oversee the process, and provide ongoing support.

The partnership is on-demand guidance and support through research, training and development from our team of experts. Partnership is offered on a one-time, six month, and annual contracted basis, and can be completed in-person and remote.  

The partnership provides the benefits of hands-on coaching, strategic planning, and skills development for those who wish to take advantage of areas of opportunity uncovered through our Production Assessment tool. 

We understand that lasting improvements take time and dedication and we’re committed to helping you achieve success.

We offer guidance on how to track results, analyze data, and adjust plans to ensure you are constantly improving.